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“Promise Me You Gon’ Stack, Promise Me You Gon’ Ball, Promise Me You’ll Invest Three-Fourths Of It All” – Outkast 

Kolo Capital is a privately owned registered investment advisor located in Tucson, AZ. We get a kick out of simplifying complex problems to help our clients make money and plan for the future. 

Our Vision

To create long term community involvement by building a business that has a lasting impact on the people we serve. We believe life is full of huge moments that make everything meaningful, and we want to make these transitions as harmonious as possible across all of life’s changes.

Our Goal

To help our clients build a financial planning process with a framework that will guide their decision making, resulting in a pathway to stability and success.. Our hope is to create an avenue for people to use their story to motivate themselves and gain stability through their finances. At Kolo Capital, we are accomplishing this by helping people write their story using their finances, and as a result, giving our clients a better perspective on themselves and their world. 

Meet the team responsible for managing your money


Keith Kolomichuk

As a Tucson based financial advisor, with a focus on financial planning, I help people in different life stages understand how complex financial decisions impact their future. I do this through a planning and investment process that focuses on hearing and understanding what’s important and tailoring a plan for each unique circumstance. I started my career in finance over 12 years ago in the mortgage industry. I spent the years during the great recession traveling the country and helping people find a way forward when their whole world had changed in a moment. During this experience, I saw firsthand how each decision influences a person’s financial future. I impact my client’s lives by helping them understand the decisions they are making and providing a roadmap for the journey.

Administrative Associate

Lauren Scheibe

Originally from Tucson, I have over 10 years operational experience helping businesses and people reach their full potential. My experience ranges from building out retail businesses from an operational standpoint, to nonprofit work where I focused on developing deep connections through community and mission. I have always been interested in the stories of others, and guiding my community to feel seen and heard in the workplace. Having a strong devotion to community organization and change, I enjoy creating processes and building systems so we can collaborate better together. 

"I’m optimistic. Though naysayers abound — as they have throughout my life — America’s best days most certainly lie ahead. Philanthropy will continue to pair human talent with financial resources. So, too, will business and government. Each force has its particular strengths and weaknesses. Combined, they will make the world a better place — a much better place — for future generations.”

- Warren Buffet 

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